A bit about me

Me on top of a mountain

So hey there! As you can probably read from the url, you are on, my name is Wouter Raateland. At this moment, I'm 23 years old. I'm born in the Netherlands, and currently living about 30km from that place, in Delft, also the Netherlands.

As you can see on my projects page, I love building digital products. To be honest, I think about these projects all the time...

Well, this love for creating led me to various places. It started early on, in the living room, building things with Knex and Lego. Next a period outside, where I built the most amazing wooden cottages with my friend. Skip some years ahead, and you'll find me at the computer. First building games using Game Maker, then building websites as a freelancer. And although I still do freelance, I'm fledgling with something new: building startups. The latest project: ikeetmee.nl.

If you wonder what I'm currently working on, check out my now page. If you rather like reading from paper, download my resume.