Sep 2018Nov 2018

Dynamic Dashboard

Interactive dashboards for teachers to track and predict the progress of their students

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Sep 2017Oct 2018

Care for the Future

Symposium on the role of computer science and mathematics in the future of healthcare

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Jul 2018Sep 2018

Hartje Gouda

Sales website for building transformation project

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Feb 2018Jun 2018

Keihard voor KiKa

Rowing 100km for the good cause

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Sep 2017Apr 2018

Hyundai IONIQ

Renting cars at the push of a button in Amsterdam

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Jul 2017Feb 2018


Low-cut harem pants created for maximal comfort

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Oct 2017Dec 2017


Creating an user interface every day for 50 days

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Sep 2016Sep 2017

PUNCH Team Announcements

Making team announcements exiting again

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Nov 2016Aug 2017


Corporate website for the European Payments Consulting Association

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Nov 2016Jul 2017

ORAS Website

Wordpress website for student politicians

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Sep 2016Jul 2017


A Secure and Privacy-Preserving Decentralized System for Freight Declaration

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Feb 2017May 2017

Blockchain Verpandingsregister

Decentralised storage system for factored invoices

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Sep 2016May 2017

HackDelft #TrendHacking

First student hackathon at TU Delft

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Nov 2016Mar 2017


Online marketplace for written reports

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Jun 2016Sep 2016


Web service for sharing and tallying beer easily

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Jun 2015Jan 2016


Webshop for slow pressed juices

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Jun 2015Sep 2015

Square Events

Website for luxurious catering company

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Oct 2014Dec 2014


Website for sustainable urban development bureau

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Mar 2013Jul 2013


Website for architectural impression bureau

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Sep 2012Jan 2013

Raateland Projectmanagement & Advies

Website for project management bureau

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Jun 2012Sep 2012

Raathuys & Partners

Website for consultancy bureau in architecture and real estate

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