Hi there, I'm Wouter Raateland. I create digital products. This website serves as a showcase for all the things that I have created over the years.

If you wonder what I'm currently working on, check out my now page. If you rather like reading from paper, download my resume.

Below, you find some projects I'm proud of, categorized in Front-end, Full-stack, Design, Startup, Back-end, Game, Hackathon, Webshop, Blockchain, Wordpress and Mobile.

I have done my best to honestly review some projects, extracting the learnings. Hope it prevents you from making the same mistakes as I did!

Feb 2020 - Now Full-stack Front-end Back-end



Search engine for lawyers

Nov 2019 - Jan 2020 Front-end Game Design


TU Delft

Serious game for students to acquire productivity habits

Jul 2019 - Now Startup


Online platform making it easy to organise group dinners, in style

May 2019 - Jul 2019 Startup Hackathon

Public Workspaces

Platform for students to find their favorite place to study in Delft

Nov 2018 - Oct 2019 Design Full-stack Game Startup

Escape Room Creator

Online platform for creating and playing escape rooms

Sep 2018 - Nov 2018 Full-stack

Dynamic Dashboard

Hoffelijk Financieel N.V.

Interactive dashboards for teachers to track and predict the progress of their students

Feb 2018 - Jun 2018 Front-end

Keihard voor KiKa

Rowing 100km for the good cause

Oct 2017 - Dec 2017 Front-end Design


Creating an user interface every day for 50 days

Sep 2017 - Oct 2018 Front-end

Care for the Future

W.I.S.V. 'Christiaan Huygens'

Symposium on the role of computer science and mathematics in the future of healthcare

Sep 2017 - Apr 2018 Back-end

Hyundai IONIQ


Renting cars at the push of a button in Amsterdam

Sep 2016 - Jul 2017 Blockchain Hackathon


Port of RotterdamTU Delft

A Secure and Privacy-Preserving Decentralized System for Freight Declaration